Bulk Actions > Import New / Additional Employees

Employees and their RPNs can be added to the system by importing them directly from ROS. If an employee has an RPN on ROS, they will be available to be imported into SimplePay without having to be added manually. After some basic information has been completed, the employee and RPN will be imported.

To import employees from ROS, navigate to Employees > Bulk Actions > Import Employees from ROS.

The system will default to Active employees. If you joined SimplePay during the tax year and wish to backdate employee information for the current tax year in SimplePay, you can do so using a combination of both the Active employees and Terminated employees option. Selecting Terminated Employees will display employees that have a cessation date prior to the current date.

Once you have selected the employees you want to import and have completed their basic information, click on the save button to create the employees. All employees saved while using the Terminated Employees function will be created as terminated employees on the SimplePay system.

To import employees with dual employment that already exist in SimplePay, select the Multiple Employment checkbox for the applicable employees before saving. The Allow Multiple Employment checkbox will first need to be enabled for the applicable employees by going to the employee’s profile and clicking on Edit Info > Basic Info.

Please note: A valid authorisation certificate must be uploaded and successfully linked to the company before employees and RPNs can be imported from ROS.

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