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If you need to edit the date of a particular employee’s payslip, you have the option to either change the date or override it. To use either of these options, go to the employee’s profile and click on the date next to Payslip, and then Change Date – note that this is not possible if you are working with the employee’s first payslip.

Change Payslip Period

The first box allows you to change the actual pay period for the current payslip. This may result in some pay periods’ payslips being skipped and all other draft payslips for the employee will be deleted. Please note that you can only change the period to be a later one – this option cannot be used to start processing payslips for prior periods.

Select the Period for which you would like to process the current payslip and click Change Period. The employee’s current payslip will now be for the new period. The next regular payslip will be for the period following this new period.

Change Payment Date

This section allows you to update the payment date for the payslip. You should use this override if you will have to pay an employee on a different date to their normal payment schedule. 

Note that changing the date might affect which tax information is applied to the payslip – if a new RPN came into effect between the original and new payment date.

Change First Payroll Period

If you want to change the first period for all employees, you will need to edit the pay frequency as explained in the following article:

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