Payroll Setup > Company Setup > Employer Filing Details

Before you can retrieve RPNs or submit your payroll information to ROS, you have to complete your filing details and select your associated ROS Auth Certificate. Go to Settings > Employer Filing Details. Fill in the required information and select the relevant ROS Auth Certificate from the drop-down menu. Then click Save.

The Registered Number is the employer’s PAYE registration number issued by Revenue. Both the Registered Number and ROS Auth Certificate are required in order for SimplePay to access Revenue Online Services.

Please note: If you have uploaded multiple certificates, you must select the certificate relevant to the Registered Number captured. The process for uploading a ROS Auth Certificate is explained in the following article:

Company Setup > Authorisation Certificates

To hide submissions which will not be submitted to ROS in FilingRegular Submissions, select a date in the ROS cut-off date field. This will ensure that only submissions after the selected date will be shown in Filing Regular Submissions.

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