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An employee’s tax and USC calculations for the 2019 tax year onwards depend on the RPN Information on the system for them. This information can be viewed by going to the employee’s profile and clicking on Edit Info > RPN Information.

No Information

This is the default option for any employees who are added to the system before any RPNs have been created or retrieved for them. You will see a warning box alerting you to this fact when you open the RPN Information screen.

New employees without RPN information will have PAYE and USC calculated on the emergency basis.

Create / Retrieve RPN

To avoid an employee being taxed on an emergency basis, click on Create / Retrieve RPNSimplePay will retrieve the latest active RPN from Revenue for the employee. Where there is no existing active RPN for an employee, Revenue will create one. All tax information for the RPNs retrieved will be populated / updated for the employee.


  1. In order to retrieve an RPN for an employee, they must first be registered for PAYE with Revenue and have a PPSN.
  2. Creating and retrieving RPNs can also be done in bulk. Refer to the following help page: Bulk Actions > Create / Add RPNs

Tax Information History

Any changes to the tax information provided (for example, when a new RPN is retrieved) can be viewed at the bottom of the RPN Information page under Tax Information History.

Clicking on View next to a particular record in the table provides the tax information for that employee as at its effective date.

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