Payroll Setup > Employee Setup > Tax Information (pre-2019)

Prior to PAYE Modernisation, which became effective on 1 January 2019, an employee’s tax and USC calculations depended on the tax information on the system for them. This information can be viewed by going to the employee’s profile and clicking on Edit InfoTax Information (pre-2019). If you still need to capture payroll for the 2018 tax year, you can still use this functionality. This functionality cannot be used for the 2019 tax year onwards. Instead, make use of the RPN Information page, as outlined in the following help page:

Payroll Setup > Employee Setup > RPN Information

No Information

This is the default option for any employees who are not added to the system via the bulk P2C import. You will see two red warning boxes alerting you to this fact when you open the tax information screen.

Employees without tax information will have PAYE and USC calculated on the emergency basis and the exact calculation applied for PAYE may also be affected by whether or not a PPSN has been entered for them.

P45 Inputs

If a new employee has joined and you do not yet have P2C information for them, you can enter the values from the P45 as follows:

  • Click on P45 Inputs
  • Enter the information from the P45 into the applicable fields
  • Click on Update Tax Information to save

*Please note: this option will only be available if you have entered a PPSN for the employee on their Basic Info screen.

Employees for whom P45 information has been entered will have PAYE and USC calculated on a temporary period 1 (non-cumulative) basis. If you return to the Tax Information screen, you will see an orange message box to this effect, which prompts you to upload a P2C as soon as possible.

P2C Upload

If you have added your employees individually or using one of the alternative bulk add methods, you will need to import their P2C information as a separate step. You can do so as follows:

  • Click on P2C Upload
  • Click Choose File
  • Select the relevant file – please ensure that you only upload the original CSV file exported from ROS
  • Click on Update Tax Information to save

*Please note: this option will only be available if you have entered a PPSN for the employee on their Basic Info screen. The PPSN on SimplePay must also match the one in the P2C; otherwise, the system will not pick up the employee’s information and the import will fail.

We recommend doing this as soon as possible as it enables the system to apply the cumulative basis if applicable, ensuring that your employees are not adversely affected by having PAYE and USC calculated on the period 1 or emergency basis unnecessarily.

P2C information can also be uploaded in bulk to add or update employees as described in the following article:

Tax Information History

Any changes to the tax information provided (for example, when a new P2C is uploaded) can be viewed at the bottom of the Tax Information page under Tax Information History.

Clicking on View next to a particular record in the table provides the tax information for that employee as at its effective date.

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