Self-Service Admin > Employee Requests

Once you have completed the initial Self-Service set up, your employees will be able to submit leave and info update requests online using the same login credentials they do to access their payslips. Employees will be able to start submitting requests immediately; however, these requests can only be actioned once the company’s approval structure has been configured.

In order to make it easier for employees to know which dates they should request leave for, and for approvers to know whether they should approve leave, you could give them access to a leave overview calendar. This calendar will show when all the employees in a company / pay point are taking leave or which dates they have requested leave for.

Once you have enabled the display of this leave overview calendar, the employees and approvers will have an additional Calendar tab at the top of their screen. You can enable the display of the leave overview calendar in the following way:

  • Go to Employees > Self-Service > Settings > Calendar Settings.
  • The first drop-down menu lets you choose which employees the leave approver(s) can see the leave overview calendar of – “All Employees” or only “Employees they can approve”.
  • The second drop-down menu lets you choose which employees’ leave can be seen by other employees in the leave overview calendar – “All Employees” or only “Employees in their Pay Point”.

Please see the links below for more information on configuring and using the requests feature as an administrator:

For information on how this feature works from the employees’ side, please see the following sections of this help site:

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