Troubleshooting > Authorization certificates and sub-user certificate error messages

In order to access online services from ROS, a ROS Digital Certificate is required. This certificate needs to be uploaded to SimplePay so that Revenue Payroll Notifications (RPNs) can be requested from ROS and payroll information can be submitted directly to ROS through SimplePay.

A sub-user certificate is a term given to a user who needs access to an Authorization Certificate in order to perform certain payroll actions but should only be allowed to view specific information.

Certificate permission issues:

If there are issues with sub-user certificates and their permissions on a ROS Authorization Certificate, an admin user needs to have filing permissions on the certificate in order to correct the issue. These permissions give the sub-user certificate the same permissions as the admin-user certificate.

When the user has the correct permissions, they should be able to:

  1. Look up RPNs
  2. Request RPNs
  3. Submit Payroll and Check Payroll Submissions/Runs.
  4. Look up Returns Reconciliations and Statement of Account
  5. Have permission to View/Accept Returns and Submit Payments

For more information on the sub-user permissions, see the guide from Revenue here.

Permission error messages:

Auth status: “Failure” Invalid format Employer Registration Number

  • Check that the correct registration number is captured on SimplePay by clicking on Settings > Employer Filing Details
  • Remove and upload the certificate again.
  • To remove the certificate, click Edit on the current certificate > Untick the company and Save.
  • Click on the Profile Icon > ROS Auth Cert > Add New Certificate.

Auth Status: Failure (Error 1016: Cert not active)

This error message will occur in two instances:

  1. The password of the ROS Digital Certificate was changed after it was added to SimplePay.
  2. The ROS Digital Certificate has expired.

You will need to download an updated / new certificate from ROS and add it to SimplePay. More information can be found on the following Help Site page:

Payroll Setup > Company Setup > Authorisation Certificates

Auth Status: Failure (Error 1011: Cert does not have appropriate permissions)

  • You will first need to update your permissions in ROS, as the certificate might require more permissions.
  • Obtain a new certificate from ROS and upload it to SimplePay once again.
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