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SimplePay charges for the exact number of active employees a month.
There are no extra fees other than what you see here.

Weekly / fortnightly employees are charged the same as monthly, i.e. not per payslip, but just for the month.

Inactive employees are not charged for, i.e. if someone's service is ended in March, you will not be billed for that employee from April onwards, even though we keep the data of this employee around indefinitely.


Hover over a point in the graph for exact pricing.


Hover over a point in the graph for exact pricing.

If you would prefer a formal quotation, we've made that simple too.

A flat rate applies to each employee above 500. Please contact us for exact pricing.

Multiple companies may be loaded on your SimplePay account. In that case, every company's rate will be calculated separately, without considering how many employees are in the other companies.

If you are an accounting firm or payroll bureau processing payroll on behalf of clients, we also offer bureau pricing - in that case, all the employees across all such clients are added together when calculating the rate, resulting in a lower overall rate. If your clients are managing their own payroll you will not qualify for bureau pricing for those clients, but you may be interested in our partner program. Please get in touch to apply for bureau pricing or to get more info.