New Public Holidays announced in Ireland

    2 minute read    

Government has signed two new public holidays into law. In this blog we discuss these new public holidays and their effect on payroll.

EWSS Changes from 1 February 2022

    3 minute read    

Government has announced additional EWSS support to assist businesses directly impacted by the public health restrictions introduced last December. In this blog we discuss the future of EWSS, its graduated exit strategy as well as any other changes which will come into effect before the scheme wraps up.

Follow Up on 2022 Budget Speech Tax Updates

    less than 1 minute read    

We are happy to remind you that your first pay run in January 2022 will be compliant with the 2022 tax changes, as per last year’s budget speech.


SimplePay: Your Partners in Success

    3 minute read    

In this blog post, our customer success team tell us a bit more about who they are, what they do and how this impacts you.

How SimplePay Handles Feature Requests

    3 minute read    

In this blog post, we outline the process that we follow to evaluate feature requests and select features to add to our development pipeline.