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Monthly Submissions (pre-2019)

Employers are required to pay over PAYE, USC, PRSI and LPT to Revenue monthly by the 14th of the following month; this is done using a P30. Firstly, in order to include all payslips, please ensure that all payslips have been finalised. Once payslips have been finalised, click on the Filing section (on the left-hand menu).

We strongly recommend that you also finalise your P30 as part of your month-end procedures – this will allow the system to track changes or additions to payslips in that month and automatically generate updated versions of your filing documents if you need to re-submit. In addition, it will provide you with an audit trail of the changes or additions.

Monthly P30 Returns

SimplePay will automatically generate P30s based on the finalised payslips for that month. You can confirm the amounts in the P30 by clicking on the PDF link and, if they are correct, click Finalise. Clicking on Finalise removes the stamp saying “Draft” to indicate that the document is now a final document and no longer a draft. The finalised PDF can be downloaded to use for manually capturing your PAYE, USC, PRSI and LPT owing.

There is also a file for electronic submission through ROS, which can be downloaded by clicking XML once you have finalised the P30.

Quarterly P30 Returns

Certain employers are allowed to submit their P30 quarterly if their annual PAYE and PRSI payments do not exceed an annual amount specified by Revenue.

Please note that SimplePay does not currently support the automatic generation of quarterly P30s. If you submit quarterly, you will simply need to sum up the amounts in the monthly P30s for that quarter.