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How do I delete an employee?

We generally do not recommend deleting employees from the system as this will completely remove any and all records relating to them.

Where payslips have been correctly processed for the employee, we would strongly discourage you from deleting them and advise you to rather end their service. This will move them to the inactive list and remove them from your employee count for billing purposes. For more information on ending an employee’s service, please see the following article:

The only instances in which we would suggest deleting an employee – rather than ending their service – would be where they:

  • should not have been added to the system in the first place; and / or
  • have no finalised payslips and have not been paid based on SimplePay figures.

In these instances you can delete the employee as follows:

  • Go to the employee’s profile.
  • Unfinalise any payslips if necessary by clicking Undo Finalise.
  • Once there are no finalised payslips, click Delete next to Notes.

Please note: The delete option will appear only if there are no finalised payslips.

Please note: You cannot delete an employee if the employee is also a leave approver under Approval Groups. More information about Approval Groups can be found in the below section: