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P45 (Cessation Certificate) (pre-2019)

When an employee leaves employment, is given a career break or dies while in employment, employers should complete form P45 for them. The form P45 is a four-part form certifying the employee’s pay, tax, USC and PRSI contributions within the tax year up to date of cessation.

SimplePay generates Part 1 of form P45 automatically based on the employee’s payslips, as well as any take-on balances and / or P2C information, if applicable. This allows you to generate a complete P45 for the entire term of employment in the current year even if you only started using SimplePay at some point during the tax year.

You can preview an employee’s P45 in PDF format at any point during their employment by going to their profile and clicking on End Service. Once you have terminated the employee, you will also have the option to download their P45 in XML format for upload to ROS*. To do this, click on Manage End of Service on the employee’s profile. More information on ending an employee’s service can be found in the following article:

*Before downloading the P45 on SimplePay, please ensure that your filing details have been completed. Go to Settings > Employer Filing Details and fill in the required information.