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Freeze Warnings, Freezes and Unfreezing Your Account

If you have chosen to manually pay your SimplePay account each month (i.e. via an electronic payment or bank deposit into SimplePay’s bank account), your SimplePay account may fall into arrears if a payment has not been matched to your account.

Please note: This does not necessarily mean that you have not made payment – it may be that you made payment but did not use the correct G-reference number. The G-reference number to use when making payment can be seen on all invoices and statements. Since our billing process is automated, an incorrect reference means that the system cannot allocate your payment to your account. Please contact our support team so that they can investigate the missing payment – please have your proof of payment and reference used on standby.

When your account is in arrears, this may result in a freeze warning or your account being frozen, which will need to be unfrozen before you can process payroll. Each of these is dealt with below:

Freeze Warnings

When issued an invoice, you have 30 days to make payment for the invoice. When your account is in arrears, you will receive an automated email informing you that you are at risk of your account being frozen. You will then need to make payment into SimplePay’s bank account within 7 days to avoid your SimplePay account being frozen.


Your SimplePay account will automatically be frozen within 7 days of the freeze warning email being sent if:

  • you have not yet made payment on your account
  • you made payment but it did not clear into SimplePay’s bank account within 7 days
  • you made payment but used an incorrect G-reference number and did not contact our support team to let them know

When your SimplePay account is frozen, you will have read-only access to your companies, but you will not be able to process payroll or make any other changes.

Unfreezing Your Account

Your account will automatically be unfrozen once payment has reflected in SimplePay’s bank account (provided that the correct G-reference number is used). There may be a 2-3 day delay from the time that you have made payment until the time the payment reflects in our account. If you urgently need to process payroll, you can temporarily unfreeze your account and process payroll as follows:

  • Click on the profile icon and go to Billing.
  • Under Account Status, click on uploading Proof of Payment.
  • Click on Upload File to upload a proof of payment, which you should have already saved to your computer.
  • Then click Upload.

Your SimplePay account will automatically be frozen again if your payment has not cleared into our bank account within 3 days, or if an invalid proof of payment was uploaded. You will not be able to use the unfreeze functionality again to unfreeze your SimplePay account immediately – please contact our support team for assistance.